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High-Quality, Responsibly Sourced Commodities

For more than 25 years, WWS Trading has specialized in providing edible and inedible fats, oils and protein commodities for customers. We partner with product suppliers and buyers across a wealth of industries (including bio, feed, fertilizer, food, and chemical) to deliver products that meet and surpass all expectations. Explore below to learn more about some of the exceptional commodities we handle.

Quality Products With Outstanding Support

Now more than ever, commodity consumers are seeking strategic partnerships to help them attain quality products consistently and affordably. Through our extensive network and commitment to service, WWS Trading can empower your organization with all of the support it needs to thrive.

Whether your business focuses on buying or selling fats, oils or protein products, WWS has the resources and expertise required to ensure your success. We specialize in developing creative solutions for our clients; developing new selling opportunities for our suppliers and finding new products for our customers.

Thanks to decades of combined experience, commodity suppliers and buyers spanning the country trust WWS Trading to handle all of their product needs. If you have specific questions about some of the commodities listed above or don’t see a product that meets your unique requirements, then be sure to reach out to us. We're confident we can find a solution that will meet or exceed your needs.

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