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Producers in the competitive and ever-changing biofuel industry trust us to provide their ingredients every day. We work with you to match your specifications with the best-priced products amidst the varying market conditions. We offer feed grade and non-feed grade by-products sourced from a variety of suppliers and always priced competitively, whether a spot load or in bulk contracts. Our dedicated logistics team ensures every load is delivered as planned and will work with you to handle last minute needs or emergency situations. Our all-inclusive service covers product and transportation liability insurance, market advising, complimentary samples and testing, and flexible payment structures. We make it easier and cheaper for biofuel producers to secure their ingredients. If you’re currently a supplier to the biofuel industry, we can help you diversify your network of buyers, mitigate risk, and provide better payment terms. We carry product liability and credit insurance on every transaction so that you don’t have to. Get paid for your products on time, guaranteed. Contact us to see how we can help you maximize return on your products, and minimize your time spent selling.

Our Guarantee on Every Transaction

Your trust is our greatest asset. We know that mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships are the key to succeeding in this highly competitive and dynamic market. That's why on average our clients have been with us for over five years and many for over two decades. We guarantee integrity, security, and outstanding service in everything we do.

Who we buy from

Our suppliers include rendering plants, ethanol plants, USDA processing plants, recycled vegetable oil producers, and used cooking oil processing facilities.

Who we sell to

Our biodiesel customers include small single tank shops and large international exporters. Whether you need feed or non-feed grade byproducts, high or low FFA oils, or have a unique requirement, we'll work to find you the product you need.

Why us?

Biodiesel producers count on us to deliver consistent products at the most competitive prices with flexible payment structures. Whether you need a spot load or a year-long contract, we can meet your needs and help your business grow.


  • Brown Grease
  • Yellow Grease
  • Choice White Grease
  • Bacon Fat
  • Chicken Fat
  • Poultry Fat
  • Tallow
  • Used Cooking Oil
  • Restaurant Grease
  • Corn Oil
  • Soybean Oil
    • Crude, Degummed, and RBD Available
  • Off Spec Vegetable Oil
  • Free Fatty Acids

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