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Food Grade

Trust us with your edible ingredient needs. With decades of experience, and an established network of reliable suppliers, we know where to find the highest quality ingredients to meet your requirements. Our buyers include food producers, chemical companies, and specialty feed farms across the US who trust us every day with the procurement and delivery of their products. If you have a specific food grade product need, contact us to see how we can help. We specialize in developing networks of buyers and sellers to optimize pricing for both parties, mitigate risk, and provide consistent supply and demand in an evolving market of high quality products. Do you have a high quality, edible product for sale? We buy food grade products from rendering plants, USDA processors, and oil processing plants across the US. Our traders can help you figure out if you’re getting the best price for your product and bring you more consistent demand and mitigated risk with an expanded network of buyers.

Our Guarantee on Every Transaction

Your trust is our greatest asset. We know that mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships are the key to succeeding in this highly competitive and dynamic market. That's why on average our clients have been with us for over five years and many for over two decades. We guarantee integrity, security, and outstanding service in everything we do.

Who we buy from

Our suppliers include rendering plants, USDA processing plants, and oil crushing and processing plants.

Who we sell to

Our food grade customers include boutique as well as multinational snack and food companies, quality chemical producers, and specialty feed processors.

Market Optimizing

We generate new buying or selling opportunities for our clients. By utilizing our wide network and industry knowledge, we'll help you maximize the value of your product, or find the ingredient that best meets your needs.


  • RBD Soybean Oil
  • Bacon Fat
  • Lard

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