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Transportation & Logistics

The transportation industry is complicated, unpredictable and difficult to navigate, which is why suppliers and customers alike trust WWS to coordinate the transportation of their products. The majority of organizations simply don’t have the resources needed to properly handle transportation and logistics on their own or to optimize the process. Procuring trusted and affordable carriers for their products takes time, energy, and expertise. That’s where we come in. Our dedicated logistics team coordinates directly with our network of over 100 transportation and logistics firms to secure the best possible rate and reliable service.

Optimizing The Market Within The Market

With thousands of carriers to choose from, fluctuating rates, and evolving regulations, the transportation industry is a market in and of itself. We do the research, negotiating, and scheduling so that you don't have to. Whether you need to transport your products in trucks, rails, vans or hoppers, WWS has you covered. Here's how we optimize logistics to deliver better prices and service to you.

Reduced Carrier Rates

With our wide network of carriers and consistent trading volume, we're able to optimize for backhaul rates, monitor carrier availability, and effectively negotiate to bring in the most competitive rates possible. This means better margins and more competitive pricing for you.

Last Minute Loads

When demand is high and supply is tight, finding a carrier can be nearly impossible. With our extensive network of hundreds of carriers, we're able to find availability and rates on the spot market for all your last minute orders.

24/7/365 Support

WWS offers unlimited customer support services for each client. We always have someone on call to handle a complication or emergency. No matter how large or small an issue becomes, we'll work until it is resolved so that you don't have to.

Scheduling Management: Proactive Updates and Reminders

We monitor every load from before pick-up through delivery and provide updates to our clients whenever necessary. We take proactive measures to ensure your load is picked up on time and delivered on schedule. Furthermore, we provide weekly schedule updates to ensure everyone is on the same page and enable you to request changes as needed.

Adaptive & Reliable Response To a Dynamic Industry

With the ELD mandate in place, technology innovations on the rise and commodity volumes growing, the logistics market is in flux. Carrier availability is squeezed, rates are more volatile, and demand is growing. Our experienced team, established relationships, and refined operational systems allow us to adapt and thrive in this chaotic market. We're able to put in the extra time and effort to secure competitive rates and find carriers to handle your last minute loads when availability is limited. Don't get stuck with a product you don't want because you can't find an affordable carrier. We make the extra calls so you don't have to.

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