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Market & Industry Advising

The commodity merchandising industry is perpetually shifting in response to new customer demands, technologies and process innovations. That's why countless clients count on us for market expertise. Our experienced team of traders works with both our buyers and suppliers to help them get ahead of the market to maximize their returns and mitigate their risk. We monitor and analyze market indexes daily to pass on knowledge and insight to our clients. But our biggest resource is our wide and diverse network. Speaking with our clients every day provides unique insight into market dynamics and trends that help us predict when prices will change even before the numbers are reflected in the markets. We help our clients decide when it makes sense to go long or short, when to wait or do nothing at all, and sometimes when it makes sense to switch to a new product. Whether you are looking for a dedicated partner in the industry or prefer to do your own research and analysis, we're committed to making you and your business more competitive with our market expertise.

Leverage Our Market & Industry Expertise to Excel

Our traders carefully monitor the Jacobsen, USDA, Urner Barry, and other indexes, granting them a deep understanding of market prices and trends across all relevant product sectors for your organization. By combining these insights with their industry experience, your contact at WWS can work with you to pioneer creative solutions that fit your specific business needs and goals. 

Proactive Pricing & Strategy

WWS Trading has decades of experience with advising commodity suppliers and customers across different sectors. As one of our trusted partners, WWS can give you expert counsel on when to go long or short or capitalize on new opportunities, enabling your team to proactively develop pricing and distribution strategies that position you for future success.

Minimized Risk

By keeping up with the latest market prices, our advisors ensure that your organization is buying or selling at the most competitive prices. This benefit also enables us to price out long-term contracts when appropriate to help bring you predictability. Moreover, WWS will work side by side with your team to help manage evolving market changes of any scope and absorb the associated risks of a volatile market.

Increased Profitability From New Opportunities

Whether you are buying or selling, our team will work diligently to find new opportunities that will allow us to consistently beat competitor pricing. We are constantly looking for fresh opportunities to buy or sell products and expand our network. This leads to better margins, increased supply or demand, and an improved bottom line for you.

Prepare for the Future of Your Industry

Considering the complex and fast-paced nature of commodity merchandising, many organizations simply don’t have the resources or insight required to develop proactive business solutions to take advantage of shifting market conditions. Thanks to our extensive network throughout the industry and continuous contact with producers and consumers, WWS has an intimate understanding of national, regional and local market trends. Regardless of how large or small your business is, we can provide market insights to help you stay competitive and mitigate your risks.

Capitalize on the Latest Market Data

WWS subscribes to and monitors data from some of the most trusted resources on commodity markets, including the Jacobsen, USDA, Urner Barry, and other indexes. These assets allow our traders to uncover invaluable insights into all segments of the market, arming your team with the objective information it requires to price appropriately and develop strategies to stay competitive.

Maximize the Value of Your Products

Our team can collaborate with yours to discover additional buyers and uses for products, maximizing the value and profitability they offer while optimizing supply and demand. Alternatively, if your business specializes in buying commodities, WWS can connect you with new products and sellers that meet and surpass your needs. As a company dedicated to excellent service and client support, WWS will not rest until your organization finds a cost-effective commodity solution that meshes seamlessly with its requirements and goals.

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